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Man we just pulled a hot Mexican from a super market on wheels. She was working out of a truck selling some food. She just wanted to get out of that truck and get a hard cock deep inside of her pussy. Luckily for us we were the only customers in line. Back at the ranch this sexy Mexican got wild as fuck. Check out the full video in the members area of 8th Street Latinas. There's more horny latina girls inside our 8th Street Latins members area.
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We were rolling down the street in our 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT going to get a fucking Sausage McGriddle from McDonalds when I saw this totally hot chick with small tits standing outside. She was wearing of those uniforms because she was on a break apparently. So I asked her if shed like to come by and hang out with us and just chill. We got her back to our room and worked that pussy. After a few minutes she was screaming my name over and over again.
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I called one of those places so I can get an exotic massage. The Latina girl they sent to me was sexy as hell and rubbed me down so good, looked good enough to wax. I told this Latina girl I wanted to tip her extra but she had to come inside and get it. It turns out she wanted the dick more than that tip! As soon as I got her wet uniform off, I noticed that our little wash lady, is built like a sexy Latina. I never would have thought that getting my car washed, would lead to me getting my cock waxed.
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Sometimes it just works out to easy. This girl was trying to get a job but they would not give it to her because she did not have any immigration paper work. She also said that she needed 600 dollars for her visa. So we offered this 8th Street Latina some cold hard cash and we were on our way to seeing that her all natural brown skinned breasts. Not to mention this girls firm tight round and brown Mexican ass was amazing. These two hot Latina girls can suck me any day of the week.
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If you went around the world you couldn't find a sexier Latina than 8th Street Latinas Octavia. I was out looking for new flip-flops when I ran into her. When I saw her I was pitching a tent. So I go up to her and start talking to her. She said she was in town for the weekend and was looking to party with a few hot guys from the 'hood. I told her the best party in town was in my bedroom. She came over and I came all over her.
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Sometimes it just works out to easy. This cutie was out trying to get a job but they would not give it to her because she did not have any papers. She also said that she needed 300 bucks for her work visa. So we offered her money and we were on our way to seeing that tongue ring on our cocks and more! This girls ass was amazing. Just watch as we hit that ass doggystyle.
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